Why West Hartford is the ‘Best Place to Live’ in Connecticut

Why West Hartford is the ‘Best Place to Live’ in ConnecticutWest Hartford the Best Place live


Connecticut is one of the most beautiful American states. With a rustic blend of rural havens and coastal towns and easy access to the coast and beautiful beaches, there is a lot to love about this place.

But which town is the best to live in?

Recent studies identify West Hartford as one of the best places to live. It is a quiet suburb with a bustling downtown area, excellent education opportunities, and affordable lifestyle. In addition to this, there are exceptional facilities for independent living in Hartford where you can lead a happy and comfortable retired life.

If you are wondering what it’s like to live in West Hartford, you are in the right place! With over 45 years of experience in serving seniors with different needs in our independent living facility, we know what makes this place different. Let us look at all the aspects that make this city a great place to live in and raise a family.

Things that Make West Hartford Special

  • Quality of Life
    While a sense of community and beautiful landscape can help enhance the character of a place, factors such as safety, affordability, and convenience are critical to making a city noticeable. West Hartford has the perfect balance between peaceful suburbs and lively, vibrant neighborhoods, making it an excellent place for anyone looking to settle and raise a family. Even if you are looking to retire, there are quite a few senior homes in Hartford such as The Holiday Retirement that you may want to consider.
  • Thriving Economy
    The education sector plays a crucial role in shaping the economy. In addition to having a higher rate of student enrollment, West Hartford has a graduation rate of around 94%. It is also a safe place having a relatively high median household income of about $100,000. Also, the estimated average commute time is only 15-20 minutes, meaning getting to work is convenient.
  • Great Community
    According to the locals, there’s a lot to love about this place, including its charming suburbs and shopping district. It also offers plenty of activities for people of all ages, such as swimming, hiking, and social clubs, to name a few. West Hartford has everything to cater to the varied needs of people looking to raise a family, making it one of the best places in America.
  • Best Places for Retirement
    In addition to raising a family, if you are looking for a place to retire, you may want to consider West Hartford. With many senior living communities offering excellent amenities, this might be just the place for you to have an amazing retired life.

West Hartford is the Best Place to Retire

If you are looking for a place to retire, it helps to consider essential aspects such as location, community, economy, and affordability. And West Hartford is the right choice with thriving economic health, excellent local amenities, affordable cost of living, and diversity.

At The Holiday Retirement, we offer a safe location with all the essential amenities you may require for a comfortable, happy, and stress-free life. We have qualified staff to cater to your needs and ensure that you have everything you want.

For more information about our independent living facility in Hartford, call us at 860-337-6023 or fill out our online form to schedule a tour.