Easy Exercises for Seniors to Improve Balance and Coordination

Easy Exercises for Seniors to Improve Balance and CoordinationBalance Exercises for Seniors


Seniors often have problems that may affect their capacity to remain steady. Medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and heart diseases can reduce their mobility and the ability to stay balanced. This may also lead to falls and injuries. The experts in our skilled nursing facility in Hartford have put together this guide to help you better manage this issue. Read on to learn how you can help maintain your balance and improve mobility.

7 Easy & Effective Balance Exercises for Seniors

  • Heel Raises
    This is an excellent exercise for strengthening your ankles and knee joints. It also helps to provide a stable gait. To do this, stand straight with your feet a few inches apart. Lift both of your heels, balancing yourself on the balls of your feet. Then, lower yourself to the ground slowly and repeat the process around 5-10 times. You may use a chair as a support.
  • Tightrope Walk
    Tightrope walk is a simple exercise for improving your core strength, posture, and balance. It involves keeping your arms out parallel to the floor and walking in a straight line. Try to walk up to 15-20 steps daily.
  • Toe the Line
    According to the experts in our nursing home, if you want to make your legs stronger, toe the line is an ideal exercise. Stand close to a wall with your heels touching it. Put your right foot in front of the left foot while making sure that the heel of your right foot touches the toes of the left one. Then, move your left foot in the same manner by putting the weight on your heel. Repeat the walking motion for about 20 steps.
  • Rock the Boat
    Here are the steps to perform this exercise:

    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Raise your arms out to the sides for balance.
    • Stand upright with your shoulders held back.
    • Then, raise your right foot off the ground, bring your leg up, and hold it for 30 seconds before bringing it back down.
    • Repeat the same with your left leg.
  • Back Leg Raises
    In addition to improving your balance, back leg raises can help you build strength without straining your lower back. You should start by standing behind a chair and holding it for support. Then lift your right leg straight back without bending the knees. Maintain this position for 5 seconds before returning to your standing position. Repeat it with your left leg. It helps to do this exercise for 10-15 minutes every day.
  • Side Leg Raise
    This is similar to back leg raises but involves lifting your legs sideways instead of backward. This exercise helps to improve your coordination without stressing out your lower back.
  • Wall Push-ups
    Specialists offering skilled nursing services often recommend wall push-ups for seniors dealing with balance problems. Stand in front of a wall at an arm’s length distance and lean towards it, placing your palms on the wall. Keep your feet firmly on the floor. Then, bring your body towards the wall and push yourself back up. Repeat this exercise around 15-20 times.

General Tips to Improve Balance & Coordination

  • Maintain an active lifestyle
  • Go for regular walks
  • If your balance is impaired, do not hesitate to use a walking aid such as a cane
  • Consult a physician if you have difficulty remaining steady
  • Perform exercises that can help you enhance your strength

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