Trends in Retirement Communities – Why Luxurious Independent Living Facilities are Booming

Romantic Senior Couple at an Independent Living FacilityA recently released National Seniors Housing Report for the second half of 2016 revealed that luxury independent living residences were leading new construction projects. The desire for and the ability of baby boomers to afford a luxurious retired life were seen as the driving factors. Let us look at some other trends that are defining the facilities and services being offered by retirement communities in West Hartford, Connecticut and across the country.

  • Location: As with any residential property, location plays an important role in the choice of a retirement community. As the age of residents dropped lower, preference was shown for independent living facilities that were close to shopping and senior-friendly activities including restaurants and entertainment.
  • Technology: Seniors today are serious about technology. Whether it is surfing the Internet for information, online shopping or staying in touch with family and friends around the globe, computers and smart phones are an integral part of their lives. Internet and Wi-Fi services are considered a necessity to help maintain their independent lifestyle.
  • More varied and lavish amenities: From state-of-the-art fitness clubs to beauty salons and gourmet dining, senior homes have taken on a five-star avatar. As seniors are more active and join retirement communities at an earlier age, management is planning ahead to meet the lifestyle requirements of the next decade. It won’t be long before we see destination retirement homes where seniors can age in place.
  • High quality health and medical facilities: Thanks to advances in technology, seniors can get immediate emergency assistance at the press of a button. From wearable medical alert devices to multi-sensor fall detection and GPS location services, seniors now have many safety and security options. Person-centered care is also a defining factor now in a senior’s choice of retirement residence; whether it is an independent living community, assisted living facility or nursing home. 
  • Life plan communities: With seniors looking to live life to the fullest, life plan communities that offer diverse recreational and health programs are becoming increasingly popular.

A Relaxed and Happy Couple at our Independent Living FacilityAt The Holiday independent living community in West Hartford, Connecticut, our residents feel like they are on a permanent vacation. A full range of services and activities for an active and fulfilled retired life help you or an elderly loved one live life to the fullest. With well-appointed accommodations, delicious dining and tender loving care, we pamper you and offer all the comforts of home. Our friendly and professional staff is committed to ensuring you make the most of your golden years.

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