Independent Living Isn’t An “Old Folks Home”

independent retirement communitiesOften when the term “retirement community” comes up in conversation, people are quick to imagine dull, dreary buildings with an institutional feel, aged décor, stressed staff, and bland, boring food. That is not the case at all! Many independent retirement communities are in fact, quite the opposite. Moving into a senior community is designed more to make your life easier and more convenient as you age, rather than limit your independence.

Retirement Living

  • Modern Aging: Seniors today are very active. They often travel frequently, enjoy exercise regularly, are members of groups and volunteer organizations, have busy social lives, and play active roles in their communities and family. They aren’t looking to give up all of the things they enjoy and that make them feel good by moving into a place that doesn’t reflect who they are. They expect where they reside to offer facilities and an environment that they can enjoy, feel comfortable in, and utilize to make the most of their retirement years. Make sure when choosing a facility for yourself, it has everything you need to feel happy and satisfied.
  • Long-Term Planning: It is always a good idea to plan for the long-term when thinking about retirement, as your needs will change as you continue to age. What you needed when you first retired may not be necessary or important in later years. Ask the facilities you’re interested in about what options they have in terms of assisted living as well as more intensive care levels as part of your original research, so you can ensure you are prepared for anything that may happen down the road. This way, you will already have a plan set in place should anything unexpected happen.

The Holiday Retirement offers an Independent Retirement Living Community in West Hartford, Connecticut. In all of our facilities, we offer a wide selection of nutritional meal choices to promote healthy living, a fit lifestyle, and appeal to a wide variety of palates. There are games, crafts, activities, and programs to help seniors live their life to the fullest and enjoy themselves. With regular excursions and outdoor events, we provide many different options to help keep our residents engaged, active, and happy. We take care of each one of our residents like they are our own family.

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