Why should I choose The Holiday over an in home care agency?

January 21, 2015 |

Different people have different needs and in home care can be a good fit for some people. However, The Holiday is able to provide many of the same services that an in home care agency does. The two main differences is that we have people on staff 24 hours a day while the majority of seniors who have in home care do not have 24/7 live in helpers.  For many people this can be a cause for concern when the aide is not at their house. The second main difference is we provide an actual residence, services, food and utilities for less (on average) than having a home health aide for 8 hours a day.  When you factor the price ...

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Why should I choose The Holiday over another retirement facility?


Aside from being one of the most affordable retirement facilities in the Greater West Hartford area, The Holiday is a family owned business that has over 40 years of experience catering to individuals with different needs. We treat all residents with a level of care and respect that may be lacking in other larger chain facilities. Also, there are NEVER any hidden costs at The Holiday....

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