Aging and Retirement Issues

Enjoy an Active Lifestyle in a Retirement Community

Senior man exercising outdoors in a retirement communityAdjusting to retirement has its share of challenges. The idea of not having to work and to play golf whenever you like is very attractive, but only until you get to that stage. Then you come face to face with the issues of boredom and loneliness. Age-related frailties limit the hobbies and other activities you thought you would finally get a chance to indulge in. While you may want to age in place like most seniors do, moving to a retirement community might help you maintain your desired lifestyle more easily than managing your health and home as the years wear on.

Our experienced team at The Holiday Retirement examines the 3 main issues faced by seniors and the best way to deal with them.

Issues Faced by Aging Seniors

  • Transitioning to retired life: Research shows that most retirees have a difficult time adjusting to what they perceive as a life without purpose. While most have been waiting for this moment, the actual change can affect both their physical and mental health. The feeling of no longer being productive or useful is a difficult one to come to terms with. Whether it is volunteer work or getting involved in their house of worship, retirees need to find ways to be occupied and feel useful again. Unfortunately, mobility issues and not being able to drive or commute independently make it difficult for many seniors to do so.
  • Dealing with loneliness: Retirement coincide with the time children move out and get involved in their own families. Being alone is difficult to cope with at any age and even more so in our senior years. While this is the ideal time to spend with family and friends, they may live far away or not have the time. The resulting social isolation can lead to depression and cause seniors to withdraw which is detrimental to their physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Staying physically active and healthy: As you grow older, leading an active lifestyle becomes even more important to your health. Light exercise can increase muscle strength and even improve balance and co-ordination which reduces the risk of falls and injuries. Studies show that leading an active lifestyle also helps reduce the risk of bone loss which is one of the main causes of fractures among the elderly. However, a lack of motivation, loneliness and depression, and the inability to access exercise facilities often causes seniors to lead sedentary lives.

The Advantages of Living in a Retirement Community

Nurse does physical therapy at a retirement communityLiving in an established retirement community provides endless opportunities to lead an active and fulfilled life. Residents have access to social activities, group excursions and special events as well as amenities such as libraries, exercise rooms and chapels. You enjoy privacy as well as the camaraderie of peers. A secure environment designed especially for seniors eliminates accessibility issues while 24-hour monitoring and support give you the option of seeking assistance when you need it.

At The Holiday retirement communities, you enjoy all the company and support you want while still maintaining your independence and privacy. A range of programs encourages our senior residents to live active and fulfilled retired lives. From exercise programs to entertainment and outdoor excursions, our services and activities cater to diverse interests. There is always plenty to do. Well-appointed accommodation, person-centered care and an experienced and dedicated team will make you or your elderly family member feel like they are on a permanent holiday. You can even bring your pet with you!

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