6 Ways to Support a Friend with a Sick Loved One in Hospital

Support Friend With Sick Loved OneSupporting family and friends with sick loved ones in hospital or at home can be challenging. Should you offer help in hospital, run errands for the ailing patient’s family or bring them food? The experienced caregiving team at our skilled nursing center has put together a list to help you provide the kind of support your friend or family member may need.

  1. Offer to do specific tasks

    Avoid saying ‘let me know if I can help with anything’. Offering to do specific tasks like the laundry, looking after a friend’s kids or walking the dog is more helpful. It lets your friend or loved one know they can count on your help. It might also encourage them to ask for the kind of help they really need such as doing the grocery shopping or dropping off their friend’s kids to school.

  2. Repeat the offer from time to time

    Your friend might need help for an extended period of time. If your offer of help is not accepted, ask again and offer to do different things. Send an email or text message instead of calling; it is less intrusive.

  3. Send cards, text messages or funny stories

    It will let your friend or ailing loved one know that you are there for them. Running errands or cooking meals is not the only support you can provide. Do not restrict your emails or text messages to comforting words. You can also send jokes or inspiring stories but be sensitive to the situation. Do not expect a response. They may not have the time to do that. You can also gift them with a book or music they can listen to.

  4. Offer help and support in hospital

    Whether it is bringing meals or sitting with the patient to relieve your friend for a couple of hours or a day, you can be of help. Remember to check with them before you arrive with food. Do not assume that is what they want or need. Also ask if there are any dietary restrictions and use disposable containers (with labels).

  5. Offer rides to and from the hospital

    Your friend (and their family members) might be too tired and stressed to drive. It will give you time to chat with them, offer other kinds of help and save them the parking fees.

  6. Suggest an outing outside of the hospital

    When it is possible, suggest meeting your friend at a nearby coffee shop or restaurant. Getting away from the hospital atmosphere even for a little bit helps caregivers feel refreshed and energized.

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