20 of the Best Movies for Seniors to Watch During Retirement

A Senior Couple Spending Quality Time by Watching Classic MoviesEveryone loves movies! So if you are planning entertainment for seniors, remember to stock up on some romance, whodunits and classic dramas they can relax and enjoy. However, with so many films catering to the younger generation, it might take a great deal of looking to find flicks that appeal to them. To help you out, the experienced care-giving team at The Holiday has put together a list of some of the best movies to watch during retirement.

20 movies your seniors will love:

  1. Casablanca – The 1942 landmark romance starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman
  2. Gone With the Wind – A 1939 star-studded Civil War film with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh
  3. The Wizard of Oz – Judy Garland’s timeless 1939 musical with some of the most-loved movie songs
  4. The Godfather – Francis Ford Coppola’s genre-defining Mafia series of the 1970s starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino
  5. To Kill a Mockingbird – A 1962 coming-of-age film with a career-defining performance by Gregory Peck.
  6. Vertigo – A 1958 American psychological thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, staring James Stewart.
  7. Star Wars – The first of fantastical space trilogies offered by George Lucas in 1977 that broke many box-office records.
  8. Lawrence of Arabia – A breathtakingly gorgeous 1962 biopic with an Oscar-winning performance by Peter O’Toole
  9. It’s a Wonderful Life – Frank Capra becomes a household name with this story of an average Joe (James Stewart) whose life is saved by an angel.
  10. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – One of many fine performances by Jack Nicholson as a crazy-sane mental patient in 1975.
  11. Ben-Hur – The 1959 Charlton Heston classic that tells the epic story of Judah Ben-Hur and the famed chariot race.
  12. The Bridge on the River Kwai – Based on a true event, this 1957 war drama follows a British commander leading a perilous effort in Burma.
  13. Jaws – Steven Spielberg’s terrifying 1975 film starring Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss and a giant man-eating shark.
  14. Some Like It Hot – The satirical 1959 classic about two jazz musicians on the lam with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.
  15. High Noon – Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly add romance to this much-lauded 1952 Western.
  16. Roman Holiday – Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’s old-fashioned courtship story which was nominated for ten Oscars in 1953.
  17. The Adventures of Robin Hood – The 1938 swashbuckling epic with Errol Flynn in his classic role as the prince of thieves.
  18. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – An entertaining 2012 story of a group of British seniors that plan to live out their golden years in India at the Marigold Hotel.
  19. It’s Complicated – Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin have terrific chemistry in this 2009 film about a divorced couple that find themselves attracted to each other once again.
  20. Last Vegas: Like “The Hangover” for the older crowd, the 2013 comedy tracks an older boys’ trip to Sin City and stars Hollywood greats, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Kline.

Viewing Options:

  1. Watch these movies and more at our private Movie Theatre (described below)
  2. Digital Versions, Blu-Rays & DVDs available at: Amazon, Vudu or Netflix

Senior Couple Watching a Movie TogetherAt The Holiday retirement community, we provide a full range of fun-filled entertainment for seniors. We even created a Mini Movie Theater in one of our Recreation Rooms for our residents to watch HD movies projected onto a 92″ Screen, paired with a fantastic surround sound system to give our residents a true viewing experience. Our Services and Activities are designed to help our residents enjoy an active and stress-free retired life. Well-appointed accommodation, person-centered care and an experienced team make our seniors feel like they are on a permanent holiday. Come see what living with us is like.

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